3D Environments
Photorealistic 3D Environments to be integrated in Simulators, Real-Time applications and Immersive Reality projects combining engineering expertise with artistic skills
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We integrate State of the Art 3D Rendering technology with Real-Time and network simulators, based on High Level Architecture (HLA) and the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocols.

Software and Hardware: Simulation Solution and Engine: VR-Forces / VR-Vantage – VT MAK

Simulation training: Virtual Battlespace 3 VBS3 – Bohemia Interactive

3D engine: Unreal Engine – EPIC Games

Modelling Software: 3DS MAX, MAYA – Autodesk

Virtual Reality headsets: Oculus Rift, Steam VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR

GeForce GTX 1080, Titan X (Maxwell), Titan X (Pascal)

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The Best Software

We use the best available Software. Among the most popular free game engines, we preferably work with Unreal Engine 4. UE4 has some amazing graphical abilities including things like advanced dynamic lighting capabilities and a new particle system which can handle up to a million particles in a scene at one time. It is programmable in C++ and can target multiple HW: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



We can handle any request. We have been working mainly on simulation and rendering of military assets for the military industry and for car and external environments but we have matured experience in interior design and rendering as well. In particular we produced internal rendering for control rooms and specific military assets.


Full Delivery

We provide the models, the code and all the project files. Since we work on a platform that do not any cost to be installed, we provide to our customers the source code of the project and all the 3D models are included. Our customers can use the same models on different projects. If required we provide the conversion services to bring the models from a 3D format to another.


Modelling Capabilities

In-house programming and modelling capabilities. Since we do not produce games but customer presentations and real-life visualizations, our customer ask for the highest quality geometrical models available. We can model 3D assets for Unreal Engine or any other rendering software starting from drawings, pictures and CAD files. We produce both high-poly assets for batch rendering and low-poly rigged assets for game engines, VR and AR.



3D Rendering And Animation icon

3D Rendering and Animation

Full 3D Process / Animation 3D

CG Simulation And Effects icon

CG Simulation and Effects

All types of Physics and Simulation

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality icon

VR / AR Web and App Development

Assets Development / Interaction Prototyping / UX / UI

Concept And Development icon

Concept and Development

Management / Product Development / Concept Development

3D Architectural Visualization and Environment design icon

Environmental Design

3D Architectural Visualization / Animation / Real Time VR - AR

Post Production icon

Post Production

Still Images / Motion Images

Our Team

Picture of Cristina Occhiena Project Manager at Addfor

Cristina Occhiena

Project Manager

After a PhD in water and Territory Management Engineering, I worked as a researcher and then I started working forAddFor at the development of software to the geomechanical data analysis. Combining my personal interests in the fields of 3D art, models and animations, I recently started to offer technical support to the artistic team participating and accomplishing a variety of application of 3D modelling and rendering technique.

Picture of Nicola Giuseppe Calarco 3D Artist at Addfor

Nicola Giuseppe Calarco

3D Artist

Even as a child I always loved the 3D graphics so I dedicated myself to learn how to model attending a course in real time graphics for video game at Event Horizon School. In 2016 I collaborated with Add-For in the production of models, environments, real-time simulations using Unreal Engine. My task was to create realistic 3D models in sizes and materials optimized to run in real time, so it was very important to focus on the details. This has increased my skill modeling and enhanced the use of unreal engine, I improved my skills in creating shader models and environments, set the ambient lighting and cameras management for the production of video directly into unreal.

Picture of Michele Cannata 3D Artist at Addfor

Michele Cannata

3D Artist

Graduated in Moovie Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Michele is specialized in 3D Modeling with a strong passion for Computer Graphics 2D and 3D and all of its applications. Michele is also a creative, a good hand-drawer and concept artist, always curious about learning new tools and techniques.

Picture of Sonia Cannavò Project Manager at Addfor

Sonia Cannavò

Project Manager

Always passionate about drawing and painting, comics and video game geek, she graduated from the High School of Art and Design. She manages the computer graphics projects and business presentations from her artistic point of view.

Picture of Enrico Busto CTO in Addfor

Enrico Busto


He leads all the technical